• Communication With Owners Is Excellent
    I've been taking my pets to Rockhill Veterinary for 40+ years and continue to make the drive now that I live out of the area. I've had 6 rescue dogs over this time, some with emotional issues that made them hard to handle. All the staff is patient, compassionate, and professional at all times, especially Dr. Jen Derstine. I highly value her expertise and feel extremely confident in her treatment of the many illnesses and injuries experienced by my pets over the years. I have always been kept informed before, during, and after procedures - communication with owners is excellent - I highly recommend this practice!

    - Kathleen M.

  • Thank you!!
    Thank you!! The staff has been amazing and the Doctor has been great with my pup! Our new vet for sure!

    - Raynell MH.

  • Kind and Caring
    I find the doctors and staff at this practice very kind and caring. Dr. Lin has been especially responsive to the concerns we have about our puppy, Schroeder. We are very appreciative of her expertise. I highly recommend Rockhill Veterinary services.

    - Joyce J.

  • Friendly Staff!
    Ellie enjoyed her 1st visit! We weren’t able to go in but the vet came out and went over everything with us! Friendly staff! A+

    - Jimmy J.

  • Best Vet Around
    Best vet around. Compassionate courteous and nice what more could you ask for.

    - Lisa B.

  • I Love Rockhill Vet
    Rockhill vet has always been there for my kitty including when she had a bad mouth infection. Without the vets, she would have been in a lot of pain today. Also, the staff was very kind to me when we had to put my dog down the other day. They care about you and your pets and they put you first. They also go above and beyond for you and your pets and they are all outstanding! I love Rockhill vet and definitely recommend it!!!

    - Jordan G.

  • Best Techs

    Best care for my 🐱

    The best techs and vets in the area!

    - Gabriella W.

  • Almost Like Family
    Best Dr's around. Almost like family

    - Flo H.

  • I Can't Say Enough Positive Things About This Place
    Every person I came in contact with was so accommodating, happy to help, and super sweet to both my cat and myself. My cat broke her leg and needed surgery. Dr. Lin and Dr. Tom went above and beyond to make sure everything was just so to help her heal properly. Honestly, the whole staff was that way. By the time we left Tink's post-op appointment, everyone seemed to know who she was and we're so happy to see her healing so quickly! I can't say enough positive things about this place. thank you!!

    - Alli S.

  • Helpful and Supportive

    My deepest appreciation to Dr. Lin and all the staff at Rockhill Be veterinary Associates. For 20+ years Dr. Lin has taken care of my four-legged kids; sometimes it's just the annual check-up and sometimes, like today, there's the very worst of news. However, 100% of the time, Dr. Lin provides genuine caring, concern, and compassion with no stone left unturned in search of diagnosis and treatment... Giving off herself beyond the "workday". I'm so very grateful for her tireless dedication to my "kids" and all her patients.

    Additionally, thanks to support staff and techs are also always helpful and supportive on good days as well as the difficult days.

    Since our furry kids can't speak for themselves, it's important that we speak for them in appreciation and honor those unsung heroes that take care of them.

    - Karen S.

  • Caring and Compassionate
    Awesome Staff! Kind, caring and compassionate! Highly recommend pet care!

    - Connie S.

  • Excellent Medical Care
    Rockhill has been my vet of choice for over 50 years. In addition to excellent medical care, my pets are treated with the same level of love and attention as I give them. My cat has had several health challenges over the last few years. She is still with me because of the care and support we both received from an incredible group of doctors and support staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

    - Kimberly R.

  • The Staff Is Friendly and Helpful
    We love it here! Everyone treats our pets like they are their pets - you can tell they all love animals! The staff is friendly and helpful, and the prices are reasonable. And I appreciate the email reminders when it's time for a vet visit!

    - Jen NB.

  • Great Group of Professionals
    The best place ever! They take such good care and pride in all they do..and their love for animals is evident as soon as you walk into the door not to mention the place is immaculate! Great group of professionals..would highly recommend it!!

    - Lynn CB.

  • Thank You All So Much!!
    I went in there with my newly adopted fur daughter, she popped a stitch on her fresh cut from being spayed. They were so gracious to stay open for me, helped me carry my dog in her crate, took care of her right away, and went above and beyond to make sure we had everything. I made the easy decision of this being our new Vet! Thank you all so much!!

    - Lori D.

  • Highly Recommend Going There
    Worked there for 8 yrs. Would still be there if I didn't move to NC. The staff is very caring and supportive. Everyone is like family. Emergency always available. Drs. take time with clients and pets. Cindy and I pretty much ran the front desk. She always knows who you are and your pet also. She jumps in when needed. I can't say everything I would like to, But it was a great place to work, I really miss it. Would highly recommend going there.

    - Petra R.

  • I Love Rockhill Vet
    I have to say I love Rockhill vet and the staff is amazing.Best vet around

    - Cathy C.

  • Always Very Helpful!
    Great staff! Always happy to bring my pet here. The front desk staff is always very helpful!

    - Aimee C.

  • Excellent Grooming Service
    Excellent grooming service! Our big old bully always comes home thoroughly tended to. Super nice staff that treats our pup w such care! Highly recommend!!

    - Shannon B.

  • Very Caring
    The entire staff is very caring and want the best for your pet and the groomers (Nicole) are awesome the way they handle our dog and make him so handsome

    - Rick K.

  • Professional and Knowledgeable

    Very professional and knowledgeable. They are wonderful with both of my dogs. I highly recommend it.

    - Abbe KK.

  • We Love Rockhill Veterinary Associates!
    We love Rockhill Veterinary Associates! We’ve been going there for years! The staff and doctors are amazing!! Nicole, a vet assistant, is especially amazing!! She is always super friendly and is a true natural with animals!! Our dog loves her!!

    - Michelle A.

  • Recommend Rockhill for Veterinary Care and Grooming
    Highly recommend Rockhill for veterinary care and grooming. The first time we visited was literally by accident - my Coco needed emergency care after another dog attacked her. The staff was quick to help, professional, and caring. We take her there for all her vet care now, and it's always a good experience. Their grooming is also first-rate. Denise and Nicole do a wonderful job with Coco - we are very happy with them!

    - Kirsten S.

  • Highly Recommend!
    This vet is a state of the art facility with the most amazing staff and caring and compassionate doctors. Our pets have been patients forever! Highly recommend!!!

    - Janie SU.

  • I Will Definitely Bring Them to Rockhill

    Rockhill is highly recommended ... We saw Dr. Lin most of the time & there are no words to describe how wonderful she was with my Bella... but if an emergency came about, the rest of the staff were also great. Very professional & kind. Unfortunately, my Bella passed away recently, but if I should get another, I will definitely bring them to Rockhill. 👍

    - Gina MK.