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Rockhill Veterinary Associates provides nutritional counseling and prescription diets for our patients with diabetes, kidney, heart, liver and gastrointestinal disease. We also use these diets as an adjunct to: cancer therapy, obesity and food allergies. Our staff has been well trained in the medical management of these diseases and diet can influence the success of our treatments. Please call ahead to ensure the diets are in stock and ready to be picked up.

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  • We Provide Compassionate & Family Friendly Care
  • We Treat Your Pets As Part of Our Family
  • We Have Excellent Medicine At Affordable Prices
  • Serving the Rockhill Community Since 1957
  • We Have Been AAHA Accredited Since 1985
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Our Reviews

Where Every Pet is Treated Like Family
  • “I've been taking my pets to Rockhill Veterinary for 40+ years and continue to make the drive now that I live out of the area.”

    - Kathleen M.
  • “Thank you!! The staff has been amazing and the Doctor has been great with my pup! Our new vet for sure!”

    - Raynell MH.
  • “I find the doctors and staff at this practice very kind and caring. Dr. Lin has been especially responsive to the concerns we have about our puppy, Schroeder.”

    - Joyce J.