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If you think your pet is sick or injured and you’re not sure what to do, call Rockhill Veterinary Associates at (215) 515-7713 and speak to one of our experienced staff. They will help assess the situation and determine whether your pet needs to be seen by a member of our staff. On nights and weekends, please call our main number for instructions.

Emergency situations include:

  • Trauma: Hit by car, Bite wounds, Broken bones, Burns, Distended abdomen, Excessive bleeding, Eye injuries, Heatstroke, frostbite, Inability to walk, Sudden collapse, Trouble breathing, Gagging, Choking
  • Ingestion: Substances such as rat poison, large amounts of chocolate, mushrooms, household plants, antifreeze, insecticides, household cleansers, pool chemicals, human medication, onions, bones, pennies, other foreign objects or excessive amounts of food or garbage
  • Disease: Coughing, sneezing, or difficulty breathing, Changes in behavior, appetite, or stools, Bumping into things, becoming disoriented, Allergic reactions, including swelling, rashes, or itching, Inability to urinate; straining to urinate, Pregnant animals that have gone more than 3-4 hours between delivering, First time seizure, seizures lasting more than 3 minutes, or multiple seizures, Signs of pain such as whining, shaking, hiding, or dull behavior, Vomiting blood, passing blood in the stool or urine, Diabetic animals refusing food

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Our Reviews

Where Every Pet is Treated Like Family
  • “I've been taking my pets to Rockhill Veterinary for 40+ years and continue to make the drive now that I live out of the area.”

    - Kathleen M.
  • “Thank you!! The staff has been amazing and the Doctor has been great with my pup! Our new vet for sure!”

    - Raynell MH.
  • “I find the doctors and staff at this practice very kind and caring. Dr. Lin has been especially responsive to the concerns we have about our puppy, Schroeder.”

    - Joyce J.